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May 23, 2019

Recovery Institute: Stigma-Free and proud of it!

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Congratulations, Recovery Institute of Southwest Michigan, for pledging to #BeStigmaFree! #LookBeyond officially recognized Recovery Institute with an award and photo shoot this month, accompanied by Opal, the campaign’s owl mascot.

"The #LookBeyond campaign has added new enthusiasm to anti-stigma efforts in Kalamazoo. We at Recovery Institute appreciate the opportunities they provide to grow the chorus of voices demonstrating that recovery is possible,” said Executive Director Sean Harris.

“The Recovery Institute and the members of their Power Group were very early adopters. They’ve been participating in the campaign right from the beginning,” said Michelle Houtrow of KCMHSAS. “We’re grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge, experience and commitment to decreasing stigma and increasing awareness throughout our community. Their participation and partnership in the initial focus groups, planning meetings and as members of the Social Marketing Advisory Committee have been instrumental in all of the campaign efforts to #LookBeyond and #BeStigmaFree.” Houtrow is a member of the #LookBeyond Social Marketing Team, Project Director of Kalamazoo Wraps and Program Manager of Services for Youth and Families at KCMHSAS.

Learn How to Become a Stigma-Free Zone!

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