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February 25, 2019

Whooooooo are Opal & Oswald? Our new mascots!

opal and plushies.png

When we thought about what kind of animal might make a good mascot for our campaign, we figured it needed to be one with outstanding eyesight, the better to #LookBeyond stigma. And it had to be cute, too.

Whooooo else but the OWL could fit that bill? Not only can owls spot a mouse a half mile away, they can also turn their heads almost completely around to see what’s behind them. Now that’s “looking beyond”!

Then our Social Marketing Advisory Committee came up with the idea of having TWO owl mascots, named Opal and Oswald. The duo made their first public appearance at the Kalamazoo WRAPS System of Care Conference on Feb. 14 and 15 at WMU’s Fetzer Center.

Watch for our adorable new #LookBeyond representatives at upcoming events. And when you see us handing out little owl figures at the #LookBeyond booth, you’ll know why!

Check out 13 fun facts about owls from Audobon.com here.